a rewind trip to york!

Last Monday we took a trip to York library having been invited by John Vincent whom we met at the Libaries Change Lives final (which by the way, we won!). We were asked to do a presentation to a group of students who came over from the University of Missouri.  Our job was to show the students how libraries in the UK are used as more than just a ‘house for books’, in the process getting a sneak peek at the other projects taking place around the UK. We chose to stay the whole day, rather than disappearing after our session which gave us the opportunity to get involved in the discussion taking place regarding library provision for new arrivals and on LGBT issues but most relevantly how libraries can support young people. Anyway, the presentation.. we tried to inspire the students by explaining to them how the library made our project what it is and showing them how Rewind has changed our lives. Hadley and Autumn also performed ‘the London Song’ (from the Libraries Change Lives final  in London, hence the name) to give the students an idea of the work we do. We also talked to them about gigs, the library as a space, funding and how it’s brought our community together. For me, it was interesting what Claire had to say about how she works as a facilitator and it gave me a better idea of how the club began and what went on behind the scenes to make it happen. Hopefully what we said was of interest to them, and you never know, there could be groups just like us popping up all over the USA! The other discussions regarding LGBT, new arrivals, and the library service for young people were insightful and it was interesting to see there was a big lap over between the ideas of ourselves and those of the students. Overall (despite a few disgruntled faces when they got outside and saw the glorious weather) we had a really interesting day and it helped us to recognise what else goes on in the library beyond just Rewind. A big thank you to John Vincent and Anne Harding for inviting us and having us! Also to Claire/our school teacher for the day for taking us and keeping us all in check!

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Tea-P in the park really took the biscuit!…

Who would have thought that on the night before the gig, the bitter cold biting at our ankles, a blizzard of searing ice and snow descending upon us and a fierce wind raging about us, dragging down the marquee and breaking one of the vital tent poles, that we would be able to put on our biggest gig to date only hours later…

..okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but it was still very cold!

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we put on our biggest gig to date, ‘Tea-P in the Park’ in Skipton and now we’re going to look back on the night, its many highs and very very few lows.

Despite the cold we all soldiered on as people started to trickle in even before the official start time to see the acts kicking things off on the main and acoustic stages. People had a choice of either the big-production, big sound of the main stage, or the close intimate atmosphere of the acoustic stage. The bands and acoustic acts remained at the highest calibre throughout the whole day as the crowds get bigger and bigger and more exited. An night began to fall and the longer sets of more established artists started, there was a real buzz about the evening building up to the headliners, Rosie. And with good reason, Rosie provided us with their unusual astounding, foot-stomping, heart-pounding music that many of the people there had grown to love and astound newly converted fans.

The Lion King was an inspired idea and gave people a chance to escape from the madness of the mini-festival and relive their childhood. Such a surreal experience for a cold April afternoon and one that everyone agreed was seriously cool!

The mad-cap circus atmosphere of the whole gig was continued in the other marquee, the circus of the absurd and manga artists gave a chance for people to try their had at new skills and to have a break from the intense musical experience all around them. This went down very well and everybody got stuck in and whether they impressed their friends or made utter fools of themselves, everyone had a good laugh!

The food vendors must be mentioned as they did sterling work keeping everyone fed and watered and most importantly, warm!

The ONLY thing that could spring to mind that didn’t go to plan was the great British weather! If it had been warm and sunny as we hoped, the turnout would have been bigger, earlier and really helped build up and even greater atmosphere.

Here is a review written by Alison Duff about the gig

As always we’re there on facebook and here on wordpress if you want to contact us or leave feedback and your memories of Tea-P in the park.

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promo day!

On Saturday the 4Youth bus came down to Skipton high street from 10 till 4 to promote TeaP in the Park. We were extremely lucky with the weather with the sun shining down on us all day!

Over the six hours we handed out hundreds of flyers! We were assisted by a charity car wash at the fire station who agreed to give a flyer to each car that came through. We also filled shop windows with posters to catch the attention of passers by. Another technique which grabbed the attention of young people in Skipton was stappling flyers to eye catching bags filled with sweeties!

Not only did we hand out flyers but we made lots of noise too! We had a PA with our music plugged in but the largest crowds were drawn in when we performed. We performed covers as well as original music that we have written at our rewind sessions.

We could see the people of the high street stopping and staring, shocked to see young people doing something positive for our local community. The market people all loved the positive vibe it created on the high street and it was unlike anything else that has been seen by the town.

Overall, we felt the promotion day was hugely successful in raising awareness for our event and we look forward to seeing many familiar faces on the day.

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Rewind Presents…TeaP in the Park.

With the line-ups at some of the UK’s biggest festivals being announced and summer just around the corner, rewind is proud to present our next gig and it’s our biggest and best yet!

This gig will be on wednesday 4th april and situated in the picturesque surroundings of aireville park, yes that means it’ll be an outdoor gig! It will take place from 3:00-10:30 and tickets will be £3.00 for over 7 hours of entertainment!

We are taking more of a festival feel with this gig and will encompass music and so much more over the seven and a half hours. This gig will have a carnival like atmosphere and will have workshops on the day to introduce people to new skills and cultures. These include:

  • Circus of the absurd – which are circus skills workshops such as juggling, tightrope walking.
  • Manga workshops – which involve drawing manga art, from japan organized by an expert.
  • Photoshop and animation workshops – helps you to get to grips with the technology.

There will also be a film element to the day with showings of the lion king in one of the tipi’s.

Last but not least there is the music. We have the same two stage set up as the previous gig but the main stage will be bigger and better than before. As the gig is longer we have many more bands to play over the day of entertainment. We will have over 20 bands and performers playing on the two stages so there will be something for everyone.

Here is the poster for the gig, with details of some of the amazing acts playing:



ImageWe will we’re see you there!!!

As usual you can contact us on this blog and at:

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craven dragons den!

a few weeks ago we sent an application to the craven area dragons den for funding of £500 to pay for the workshops we intend to put on, we were then invited to the council offices on monday night to present our pitch to the dragons. we were all looking very smart and the presentation went really well! during the question and answer part of the pitch, the dragons made several suggestions to us, for example a dragon representing yorkshire housing suggested we perform for the elderly in sheltered housing, which may help to provide funds in order to make our group sustainable. yesterday we were informed that we had been successful in our pitch and we are soon to receive the £500 for our workshops. these workshops will include circus of the absurd (http://www.circusoftheabsurd.co.uk/) who will teach young people skills such as juggling and much more to tie in with our circus theme. we will also have katie coope running workshops in the art of manga, a japanese cartoon art which will allow the youths to learn about other cultures. and other people are talking about craven dragons den too! – http://www.cravendc.gov.uk/article/2848/Craven-Dragons-Den-2012—Winners-Announced http://www.strayfm.com/news/local-news/631129/youth-projects-benefit-in-dragons-den/


rewind and skipton youth council present.. teaP in the park!

so last night we had our first meeting regarding our latest event. alongside the skipton youth council we are presenting a music and film event for young people in airville park on April 4th. we have upstaged from our events at the community centre! the event will begin at 3pm and will run till 10:30pm. we intend to have four tipi’s.. one main stage (with rosie headlining), one acoustic stage (with brogan headlining), one with a big screen showing lion king (twice throughout the day), and one with workshops for the young people. we are going for a circus theme and hope to have workshops surrounding this theme as well as caterers.  we have a lot to do with not much time to go but we can’t wait! get the date in your diaries everyone!

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blogging and twitter! – onwards and upwards

so last Tuesday Claire and I were discussing how we can develop our use of social media and turn our blog and twitter into something more than a songwriting clubs blogs, we want to create something which our followers have a genuine interest in. after much discussion we decided to begin this by providing a daily pearl of wisdom, updates on what we’re listening to (so we can share our music discovery with the rest of the world), giving you updates of events in our local area, commenting on current events and having a weekly blog update to update you on the progress of our weekly sessions, giving you an insight into what happens each week.  so onwards and upwards for rewind.. commencing this tuesday!