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Tea-P in the park really took the biscuit!…

Who would have thought that on the night before the gig, the bitter cold biting at our ankles, a blizzard of searing ice and snow descending upon us and a fierce wind raging about us, dragging down the marquee and breaking one of the vital tent poles, that we would be able to put on our biggest gig to date only hours later…

..okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but it was still very cold!

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we put on our biggest gig to date, ‘Tea-P in the Park’ in Skipton and now we’re going to look back on the night, its many highs and very very few lows.

Despite the cold we all soldiered on as people started to trickle in even before the official start time to see the acts kicking things off on the main and acoustic stages. People had a choice of either the big-production, big sound of the main stage, or the close intimate atmosphere of the acoustic stage. The bands and acoustic acts remained at the highest calibre throughout the whole day as the crowds get bigger and bigger and more exited. An night began to fall and the longer sets of more established artists started, there was a real buzz about the evening building up to the headliners, Rosie. And with good reason, Rosie provided us with their unusual astounding, foot-stomping, heart-pounding music that many of the people there had grown to love and astound newly converted fans.

The Lion King was an inspired idea and gave people a chance to escape from the madness of the mini-festival and relive their childhood. Such a surreal experience for a cold April afternoon and one that everyone agreed was seriously cool!

The mad-cap circus atmosphere of the whole gig was continued in the other marquee, the circus of the absurd and manga artists gave a chance for people to try their had at new skills and to have a break from the intense musical experience all around them. This went down very well and everybody got stuck in and whether they impressed their friends or made utter fools of themselves, everyone had a good laugh!

The food vendors must be mentioned as they did sterling work keeping everyone fed and watered and most importantly, warm!

The ONLY thing that could spring to mind that didn’t go to plan was the great British weather! If it had been warm and sunny as we hoped, the turnout would have been bigger, earlier and really helped build up and even greater atmosphere.

Here is a review written by Alison Duff about the gig

As always we’re there on facebook and here on wordpress if you want to contact us or leave feedback and your memories of Tea-P in the park.

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